A leader of limousines; the return of a legend.


Sit behind the wheel of a classic limousine and experience the extraordinary drive.

Born to provide elegance and luxury, Hongqi L5 is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity in time and space, which endows the limousine with an unsurpassed grandeur.

While paying tribute to the classical design of vertical bars, the new 3D “straight waterfall type” front grille of L5 looks more three-dimensional, is larger in area, and allows the engine to breathe more easily, and endows the limousine with exceptional spirit and momentum.

While inheriting the classical Hongqi style of an erected flag, the L5 flag-shaped emblem in the front is presented with a stronger touch of modernity, which makes it look solemn and dignified with an intact sense of beauty.

The gun barrel-shaped head light is a traditional halogen lamp, with the air vent on the lampshade directly linked to the air filters on both sides of the engine, which makes the best out of unique styling.

The 16 highly luminous LED lights not only bring additional safety in driving, but also inherit the classical design of red-flag emblems on the sides of Hongqi cars, giving the limousine the spirit of “the one flag”, which signifies Hongqi’s status as idol and leading character of the time.

With a size of 275/40 and R20 and an outer diameter of 728mm, the high-performance, radial tyre is equipped with a 20-inch, 9-spoke wheel hub, all making it more operationally stable. Excellent drainage and slip resistance functionality, accompanied by outstanding mute effects, results in a comfortable driving and riding experience.

There are four horizontal chromium bars on each side of the number plate, amounting to eight in total, which implies “peace and safety in four directions and stability in eight sides”. The four thick and robust chromium exhaust pipes are manifestations of powerful driving force output. Additionally, the “Tian’anmen” (shape) back trunk is run through by chromium bars, which is a full showcase that the limousine is a “state car”.

The overall design of the dashboard is derived from curve of the eaves of ancient Chinese buildings. The square and circle designs within the combination instrumental panel, which imply the traditional Chinese philosophical idea of “a circle within a square,” and the center LCD dashboard that shows the beauty of equilibrium jointly give full rise to a graceful taste of ancient Chinese culture.

Maintaining the tradition of Hongqi steering wheel designs, and combining modern style and classical taste, the L5 steering wheel features a semi-circle horn control lever and a “sunflower” logo in the center, which with a harmonious match between each other imply “thriving day-by-day and flourishing more-and-more”.

Top-grade full-function seats feature a headrest whose shape is derived from that of the official hat in the Tang Dynasty. Together with the massage function of the seats, the seats attempt to create comfort which makes the limousine equal to the cabin of a private aircraft. In the meantime, the adjustable seat back equipped with adjustable 5-shift heating and 3-shift ventilating system is a total display of luxury and nobility.

Completely manual tailoring and cladding with seamless double stiches brings about neat and beautiful lines and grains. And customized thread colors provide more options for consumers.

The 8-inch, 800x600 resolution touch LCD screens offer convenient control and display of the entertainment system and the functional system of the car, resulting in a more comfortable and pleasant feeling for driving and riding.

A 6.5-inch, 640x480 resolution liquid crystal display imbedded within each of the front row headrests brings to the entire interior an emboldened taste of technology. In addition, an 8-inch add-on LCD screen with a resolution of 800x600 is optional for installation at any time.

Each of the four inside handlebars on the front and rear doors has a jade inlay with a shape inspired by the golden ratio at 23x35mm, and the fine lines forming an image of “cloud and dragon” that are elaborately festooned on it reflect identity and virtue: a car adorned with jade is like a gentleman wearing jade.

The design of the key, which is in the shape of the “Han Ba Dao” (a traditional method of jade carving) jade cicada, implies an old saying “It never sings, but once it sings, it becomes a blockbuster.” In the meantime, the sunflower label on the key echoes with the similar label on the steering wheel.

The first indigenously self-developed, Hongqi V-type, 12-cylinder, total-aluminium engine adopts a V-type 60-degree angle, with four valves on each cylinder, independent air vent systems and low speed with high torque reaching 440Nm/1000rpm. Such an engine provides a perfect combination of energy-saving techniques, light-weight design, vibration noise control and robust power output.

Double wishbone independent front suspension, accompanied by H-type multi-link rear suspension, brings about not only excellent controllability, but outstanding stability. Such gears also make driving on bumpy road reasonably agreeable and controllable. In the meantime, the all-time, smart all-wheel-drive system is capable of automatically distributing driving power to the front and rear wheels based on the adhesion status of the road, with the torque of the front axle as high as 1000N.m, which ensures safe driving.

Sit behind the wheel of a classic limousine and experience the extraordinary drive.

Born to provide elegance and luxury, Hongqi L5 is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity in time and space, which endows the limousine with an unsurpassed grandeur.


Engine and Transmission

Engine Label

60N (V12)

Displacement (L)


Max. Speed (km/h)


Rated Power (kW/rpm)


Max. Torque (Nm/rpm)


Transmission Type

6-speed manual-auto all-in-one transmission

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Fuel Consumption (Combined) (liter/100km)




Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Front Wheeltread (mm)


Rear Wheeltread (mm)



Curb Mass (Kg)



275/40 R20

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