1. The 6 MCX machining centers from Burkhardt+Weber BW allow FAW¡¯s Wuxi Diesel Division to machine cast iron, steel, and aluminum from up to 5 sides with wide diameters and long bores. ¡ü

   ¡ü 2. The Wuxi Diesel Engine Division of FAW Jie Fang Truck Co., Ltd. operates a 500,000 sq. m. plant and headquarters with total assets of 2 billion Yuan (US $241.8 million). The factory¡¯s over 4,000 employees produce 4 and 6-cylinder 120-335 HP diesel engines, including the new high horsepower CA6DL series, as well as custom engineered truck-body combinations using ¡°Jie Fang¡± truck chassis. Over 150,000 diesel engines and 7,000 truck-body combinations are produced annually. FAW¡¯s Wuxi Diesel Division, along with the Dalian Diesel Engine Division, is a critical engineering and design hub for the development, modification, evaluation, and testing of future diesel engines. In 2002, the QS9000 certified company ranked number one in the production and sales of diesel engines in a single series with over 150,000 units sold.

    3. Managers and technicians analyze the quality of new engine camshafts. ¡ü

    4. The cylinder head line at FAW¡¯s Wuxi Diesel Division has an annual output of 120,000 units, utilizing 18 YNC machine centers and 2 automated production lines. ¡ü

    5. The automated distribution center at FAW¡¯s Wuxi Diesel Division covers an area of 1,152 sq. m. The distribution facility incorporates high bay shelving, VNA (very narrow aisle) pallet storage, and multi-station order consolidation. ¡ü

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