1. FAW Jie Fang Truck Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary established on January 18th of 2003, includes 12 managerial departments, the Manufacturing Operations Group for cab and final assembly, Drivetrain Group responsible for diesel engine, transmission, and axle production, and 2 subsidiaries (Qingdao Truck Division and FAW Trading Company). The company, with 1.95 million sq. m. of building space, has assets of 19.1 billion Yuan and over 22,000 employees. Annual medium and heavy truck production capacity of the more than 500 different models of 5-30 ton trucks is currently at 200,000 units, with a new state-of-the-art plant set to go on line by mid-2005.
    Manufacturing operations consists of 18 production shops within 2 assembly plants including metal stamping and cab assembly. Flexible production processes allow for 11 available production lines producing 3 types of truck cabs simultaneously, including both convention and cab-over-engine designs.  ¡ú

2. The welding and assembly line for cab-over-engine truck cabs. ¡ü

    3. The Manufacturing Operations Group includes 12 production and functional departments, 900 employees, and 12,000 sq. m. of the production space. Present daily production capacity exceeds 330 cabs. The current facility utilizes 2 flexible production lines for ¡°Jie Fang¡± medium and heavy truck production, capable of producing gasoline, diesel, conventional, and cab-over-engine trucks simultaneously. Line A began operation in July 15, 1956 and was in fact the first automotive production in China. Line B was established on January 1, 1987 to expand production. A new state-of-the-art plant set to go on line by mid-2005 will more than double production, as the company expands to meet increasing global demand for ¡°Jie Fang¡± trucks.  ¡ü

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